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Extra Life! Here we come!

POSTED BY Leitbur August 13, 2017

AMP Nation will be participating in Extra Life for a 5th consecutive year! Extra life provides an opportunity for gamers around the world to support a local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital by collecting donations leading up to a 24 hour gaming marathon on November 4th, 2017. Since 2013 Extra Life and the over 190,000 gamers have raised more than $28 million dollars and we are proud to continue to support this great event.

Want to sign up and be part of the action? You can join the AMP Nation team by clicking the link here and select the “Join our team” button. Not interested in abundant energy drinks, copious amounts of nacho cheese dip and a great day/night of gaming? You can help the AMP Nation team by donating to one of its members on the same page by selecting a person on the roster and donating through them!

Stay tuned to social media for updates on streaming information and list of games we’ll be playing during the event! Help us make the 5th year a great one for Extra Life!

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