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Join the community and reap the benefits!

POSTED BY Leitbur August 18, 2017

Do you play World of Warcraft? Have plans on playing Destiny 2? Currently flying through the solo ladders in Heroes of the Storm or Overwatch? No need to do it alone! AMP Nation is currently filling teams in all games.

Our World of Warcraft division, AMP, is currently raiding on the Dragonmaw server on Sunday and Monday nights from 5:30 PST to 8:30 PST. If you play all the time or are just getting back into the game there is a spot for you! They host Friday Night Fights each week which is a great opportunity to hang out with a bunch of people in a low stress environment with tunes playing in the background. Reach out via Discord, or fill out the application here.

With Destiny 2 being released in the next 2 months we are actively looking to grow that player base upon release. The current agenda is to connect everyone through the campaign and set up times for people to tackle the cooperative content as well as group up for competitive PvP once reaching max level. If you like the idea of a shooter with friends, then you’ll love the idea of playing with us! You can fill out the form to join here.

Night after night you can log in to our Discord channel and find people playing anything from Heroes of the Storm and League of Legends to ARK and Overwatch. Come join the community and bring your friends!

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