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PAX Nation…and the guidebook

POSTED BY Leitbur August 21, 2017

PAX West, PAX Prime, PAX…..started back in 2004 in Seattle the event was a mere 4,500 people in attendance that then saw it double in size each year after until they split the event in 2010. PAX was then split as they introduced PAX East, which then grew even more as they announced PAX South and internationally with PAX Australia. Over 70,000 people attend PAX West year after year and AMP Nation has a small contingent represented each year.


If it wasn’t enough knowing that we are going to be there, here are some of the things you can do at PAX:

Live Concerts everynight

Console Free-play to relive some nostalgia

Exhibit Hall where 100’s of companies show new wares

Handheld Lounge to kick back and relax

Panels where your favorite people talk about their craft

PC Area to try gaming on a real machine (Yes I’m biased)

Tabletop gaming

BYOC LAN Party…yep, bring your computer, LAN it up (Find us here)

And last but not least…the Omegathon!

As you can see this 4 day event has so much packed into it you’ll be lucky to see it all. Plan your days wisely using guidebook, available on iPhone and Android. If you are planning on going and want to meet up for some games or a bite, email me at [email protected]. If you want to view the schedule before grabbing this years guidebook you can grab view it here. Hope to see you there!

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