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Patch 7.3 info and more

The latest and what should be the last major content push of Legion hit us yesterday with several changes to classes which includes some visual spell changes as well as play styles for a few classes. Most see the changes that the classes are getting now to be band-aids to get us through until the broad class changes that will come into effect later in 7.3. If you are looking for some of the spell effect changes I’d recommend heading over to There are tons of videos from the PTR showing before and after effects. For those looking for the nitty gritty details on class changes here is the link to wowhead’s article.

With the patch and new content there is always an uptick in activity in game day to day. Everyone wants to spend time seeing the new story and how its progressing, the new zones, the new characters introduced. Legion hasn’t let us down in the story department as its brought back some great characters from our past like Illidan and Khadgar. On top of old greats they’ve introduced some new ones like High Exarch Turalyon.

WoW Division: AMP

AMP Nation has had another strong showing with over 1/2 the guild online nightly leading up to the patch. People are starting to trickle back from breaks and we’re seeing a influx of new members coming into the fold. We are on track to finish the current content in Tomb of Sargeras and have a strong showing for the new Argus raid that releases in the weeks to come. If you’d like to keep track of us during our push, follow one of our streamers live! Week after week our progress is tracked over at wowprogress, check us out there for more details on raid kills. Over the next couple weeks we should have our second raid group up and running. If  you’d like to fill a role in one of those groups you can fill out our recruitment form here, or find us on Discord!

Having fun in Argus? Comment and tell us about your experience!

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