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We here at AMP Nation are excited to bring you the first in a series of “State of the Nation” posts. Our plan is to keep you up to date on things that are happening in our world and yours. This includes the website and what it offers, the different teams we support across several games, and the involvement outside of games. Consequently, this journey is just getting started and we hope we don’t reach our destination any time soon! Enjoy.

AMP Nation

We’ve been working hard on site improvements trying to get everything absolutely perfect before we start showing people the goods. Realizing that while “perfect” is the destination or goal, defining that will likely continue changing. So in light of trying to be “perfect”, welcome to AMP Nation’s home. Showcased on the site you’ll find links to our Recent Posts, Current teams, Streamers, recruiting functions and more. As we continue to grow we hope to have other content for consumption like podcasts and reviews. Please take some time to look around the site and tell us what you like. Help us refine our work with any feedback or bugs you find by emailing us at [email protected].

This month in World of Warcraft…

Most noteworthy, we’ve officially put Tomb of Sargeras on farm which feels great. The downside to this is the lull that happens as we wait for something new to stimulate our minds. Luckily there are some things thrown in now and again to keep us together like Black Temple’s timewalking raid remastered. A good showing and a “Friday Night Fights” feel as we reminisced through old content while sharing stories of our first time through the zone. This Friday will also be the first time our PvP crew takes the battlefield running Random Battlegrounds. If you’re looking for something to stay engaged with the guild and PvP is your thing you should join us! Outside of that we are all looking forward to the Antorus raid coming out to see what new things WoW has to offer! Unofficial reports say early to mid November for raid release. Finally, the AP grind…is real.

Did you say Destiny 2?

This week we saw the release of the PC version and there is a definite buzz in the game. We started 14 strong and in a couple days that number has grown to 27 representing AMP in the game. The reviews coming out are all positive with the exception of “end game” content. Follow us on social media to get any and all your Destiny 2 updates! We’ve already seen some articles come through talking specifically about content and how its on Bungies mind. Anyone interested in joining up with us feel free to drop us a line in game or fill out the form for Destiny 2 HERE! Hope to see you in game.

Extra Life…T-minus 8 days…

…and counting. Go live date is November 4th and we’ll start our 24 hour marathon at 9:00 a.m. CST. Our team is looking strong and we’re slowly trudging along to our goal of $2,000 for local children’s hospitals. There will be roughly 10 people in the twin cities representing the team with another 10 remote players. There will be a couple twitch channels streaming the event, check out the streamers section. Come hang out with us and be a part of the action! Some games that will be played during the 24 hours include: Heroes of the Storm, Divinity: Original Sin 2, Rocket League, Destiny 2, World of Warcraft and more! If you’re looking for more information on Extra life check out our team page HERE.

To conclude our first State of the Nation post I want to thank everyone who makes this community great. Without you we wouldn’t have the drive or desire to try to create something that brings us together and keeps us playing games. I hope you enjoy the site and look forward to your ideas on how we can continue to make this a great community for everyone!


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