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Kobolds & Catacombs: Best Hearthstone expansion to date!

POSTED BY Leitbur January 4, 2018
Written by: Rabbij

What more could you ask for in an expansion?

Kobolds & Catacombs is free to all players. Offers tons of fun and free content. With new legendary weapons for a random class just for logging in. Blizzard has also changed how they announced the cards in the expansion, bringing in top players and streamers to showcase content!

How I see it Kobolds & Catacombs

Since the expansion dropped late December 2017 I have played the new content on most of my days streaming. The expansion sets you as the adventurer, delving into a classic dungeon to defeat 8 random bosses to secure treasure. The expansion has made me fall in love with the game all over again. The quests are fun, every other boss offers a reward and for completing the dungeon you get cool new card backs. 

What you’ll see

During the dungeon you face 8 bosses that range from a lonely whelp to King Toggwoggle himself. Each boss has a themed hero power, for instance Battlecrier Jin’zo will make your “Battlecry” cards trigger twice. There are rare and super rare bosses you might encounter that offer extra treasure, like the Treasure room and/or the Trapped room. As for the treasure, you will pick up one item every other defeated boss. Check out this bad boy: Robe of the Magi. This treasure gives your spells a +3 spell damage, takes effect at the start of the match, and can stack if you get two of them.

In addition to the dungeon run, K&C added legendary weapons for each class, upgrade able spell-stones for each class, and the card ability “Recruit” which finds and summons to the board a minion from your deck. What I like about these additions is that they didn’t change the meta decks, but added to the tested decks from Frozen Throne. Even though that means I keep losing to the Jade Druid deck…

If that didn’t sell you…

Perhaps the best RNG card to ever be made will. The Darkness is a crazy 20/20 card with a 4 mana cost. Yes, this is a little RNG dependant, but many things this expansion and in most card games are a little RNG. The Darkness shuffles 3 candles into your opponent’s deck and only becomes active when they are drawn. This is perfect in a mill deck, of just left up to chance.

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