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The Witchwood: Better and better each expansion

POSTED BY Leitbur April 24, 2018
Written by: Rabbij

The Year of the Raven expansion live!

The Witchwood expansions theme is focused in the areas of Witchwood and Gilneas, giving it a scary and haunted feel. With that in mind, the fact it wasn’t saved for October or at least released on Friday the 13th is a little baffling from a marketing perspective. Regardless, I am excited to the point where I pre-ordered the expansion to take advantage of the 70 packs for $50, which breaks down to a $.30 price reduction per pack.

What do you need to know about The Witchwood?

First, the cards being added to the Hall of Fame: Ice Block, Coldlight Oracle, & Molten Giant. If you have two copies of them, or can craft two copies you should. When the expansion becomes active these cards are only playable in wild. If break them down you will get 400 dust for each Ice Block and Molten Giant. You’ll get 100 for each Coldlight Oracle. This is in addition to the dust you can get from disenchanting these cards, which will net you a total of 2240 dust.

Second, new card mechanics: Rush – Rush is the ability for your minion to attack the same turn it’s played, but unlike Charge the Rush minion can only attack other minions. Next is Echo – Echo lets you play the card and then a copy of the card is put back into your hand which you can play again. So you could have a 2 mana echo card which you could play 3 times if you had 6 mana. OP? We’ll see. Finally, Odd & Even synergy – if your deck has all odd cards then “X” effect happens. This will be interesting to see if it expands which decks can be competitive in the meta.

If that didn’t sell you…

New dungeon run called “Monster Hunter”. Easier daily quests. A new druid hero character. The start of mirroring of the micro festivals of World of Warcraft. Deck share features. Also important to note, after the expansion comes when you login you will get 3 free Witchwood packs and a free random class legendary.

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