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In 2007, a small group of outcasts formed a new guild in World of Warcraft with a mission to provide a raiding experience where structure and consistency reigned supreme. Starting with 8 people, a couple alts and a name we were able to get the guild charter signed. Those first weeks were rough only able to raid 1, maybe 2 nights a week. And now, nearly 10 years later, we’ve supported as many as many as 83 active members and multiple raid rosters from normal to heroic content. As time went on, we splintered and grew across multiple games from MMO, to FPS, and even the occasional MOBA in between, AMP has formed a very loyal community.

In 2017, we splintered and shifted again, but this time with the intention of building out that community in a positive way. We aim to produce content that ranges from gaming trends and informational videos to streaming games from the front lines of our raids and competitions, and more—all through AMP Nation’s signature lens of positivity, structure and a non-toxic environment. You can find our content across multiple platforms from social media to podcasts and everything in between. Will you be part of the next chapter in AMP Nation’s future?

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